Frequently Asked Questions

What is a show like?
We are a flow troupe that puts on LED Light Shows, Fire Shows and Daylight Performances. We spin staffs, fans, poi, swords, palm candles, fire belts, hoops and more. We incorporate martial arts, bellydance, and modern dance into our flow to create a full experience for our audience. Please take a look at our videos for a sample of our fire and LED performances.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured for up to 2 million in liabilities.

Is your show family friendly?
Yes, depending on the venue, the majority of our shows are family friendly. We love working at outdoor events and teaching all ages how to use daylight props.

How much space do you need?
Depending on the size of the show no less than 10 foot by 15 foot but 25 by 30 is ideal.

What type of fuel do you use?
We use lamp oil on our larger tools and Coleman’s Camp Fuel for contact tricks.

Is it safe?
We are very professional at what we do. We take every precaution to ensure audience, venue and performer safety (in that order). We do this by keeping up our training in skill and fire safety, keeping proper equipment for emergencies, and having first aid and cpr trained performers and crew.

Where did you learn this?
We have each gained our skills from different places. Some of us travel to take workshops and classes while some of us are self-taught. We are constantly working together and training to develop our skills further.

How can I join?
Contact us and we will set up an audition. We are always looking for talented, experienced performers who are dedicated to their art.

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